RecurDyn Multibody Dynamics Simulation

RecurDyn is Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software that is focused on Multibody Dynamics (MBD), while offering multiphysics solutions. The technology behind RecurDyn has superior calculation efficiency because it is based on recursive formulation. Because of this, RecurDyn gives the best performance in large-scale multibody problems (systems with a large number of bodies), including mechanical systems that experience a lot of contact.

Along with the powerful solver, RecurDyn features a natural Windows-based User Interface which is intuitive and easy to use, as well as a custom application development environment which enables users to automate complicated and/or tedious tasks.

RecurDyn Analysis Options

  • Rigid and Flexible Multibody Dynamic Analysis
  • Kinematic Analysis
  • Static Analysis
  • Design Studies and Design of Experiments
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Vibration (Linear) Analysis

Flexible Body Modeling

RecurDyn has the capability to model flexible bodies using two different methods. RecurDyn/FFlex includes the entire Finite Element mesh of the component within the multibody dynamics model, thereby allowing the effects of nonlinear deformation of the component to influence the system. RecurDyn/FFlex also supports accurate contact with the flexible body. RecurDyn/RFlex, on the other hand, uses the linear super-position of the Craig-Bampton modes to represent the flexible body. This allows for fast simulations within the linear range of deformation.

Control System Interaction

RecurDyn can model multibody dynamics systems interacting with control systems to represent complex mechatronic systems. RecurDyn/CoLink provides an integrated solution with a control system development environment. RecurDyn/Control, on the other hand, offers an interface to Matlab/Simulink, Amesim, and also supports the FMI protocol.

Interaction with Fluids/Particles

RecurDyn has unique capabilities to model the interaction of fluids or dry particles with a multibody dynamics system. RecurDyn Particleworks Interface enables interaction with fluids such as lubricant or water, while RecurDyn EDEM Interface enables interaction with dry particles such as rocks, gravel, and grain.

Media Transport Simulation

RecurDyn pioneered the simulation of flexible media such as paper and film interacting with rollers, guides, and other media transport entities. RecurDyn/MTT2D offers a 2D solution for fast simulations, while RecurDyn/MTT3D models the media in 3D for more complex simulations.

General Machinery Simulation

RecurDyn has specialized modules to simulate components commonly found in many types of machinery. These toolkits include RecurDyn/Chain, RecurDyn/Belt, and RecurDyn/Gear. All these toolkits enable users to easily specify dimensions based on ISO standard parameters, and quickly assemble a belt or chain in a specified path. Analytical contacts between the created components are optimized to provide fast simulations.

Tracked Vehicle Simulation

RecurDyn offers solutions for modeling tracked vehicles. RecurDyn HM-Track can be used for high-mobility applications (typically military), while RecurDyn LM-Track is used for low-mobility applications such as agricultural and construction vehicles. Both toolkits support contact with hard ground or soft soil using the Bekker soil model. Analytical contacts between components are automatically generated to enable efficient simulations.

Geometry Import/Export

RecurDyn Geometry Import/Export enables users to easily import and export their geometry directly to and from the most commonly-used CAD programs, ensuring the most accurate representation of the system to be simulated.

Industry Praise for RecurDyn

“…As a further validation of the dynamic computer model, RecurDyn software, from Function Bay, Inc., was used to perform the same simulation (as ADAMS)…The new solver (RecurDyn) ran in about one third of the time (as ADAMS) for nearly identical results.”

— Anthony Hays
Michigan Aerospace Corp

From: Dynamic Simulation Makes a Connection
From: SAE Aerospace Engineering

“UGS is excited to expand its simulation capabilities to include a new, multi-body dynamics solver. Partnering with FunctionBay provides our customers flexible options to select the motion simulation technology that best meets their specific application requirements. RecurDyn has demonstrated excellent performance and is well-known in the industry.”

— Jim Rusk – Vice President
UGS Digital Simulation Solutions

From: UGS and FunctionBay Announce Partnership
From: UGS Press Release