Particleworks Fluid Dynamics Simulation

RecurDyn/Particleworks co-simulation of oil lubricant moving within powertrain. Contour plot data such as fluid velocity and pressure can help to visualize the fluid flow.

Particle-Based Fluid Dynamics Analysis

Particleworks is a fluid dynamics analysis software developed using the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method. This method can model free surface fluid behavior precisely, using particles to represent the fluid instead of requiring a mesh for the fluid and its domain.

World’s First Capability for Combined Multibody and Fluid Dynamics Analysis

The world’s first CFD-specific multibody and fluid dynamics co-simulation interface is now available in RecurDyn. This unique capability allows for simulations where mechanical components and fluids influence each other. This means you can capture the effects of the motion of the mechanical system on the fluid, as well as captures the effects of the fluid behavior on the mechanical system. The effect of the behavior of the mechanical system can be seen in the surfaces and turbulence of the fluid.

RecurDyn/Particleworks co-simulation of injection molding via twin screws. Mixing can be assessed by observing the particles of different color.

High-Performance GPU Computation

Particleworks can be run on Linux clusters with up to 512 compute cores in order to dramatically reduce computation time for a given model. Results can be viewed on a Windows computer.

With the optional GPU computing module, simulations can be run on NVIDIA CUDA-based GPUs. This dramatically reduces computation time, allowing PC workstations to perform simulations nearly as fast as supercomputers or HPC servers. For example, using an NVIDIA® Tesla® K40c with 12 GB of GPU memory allows for simulations of up to 2 million particles at once, and even more particles could be handled by using multiple GPU computing.

About Prometech Software, Inc.

Prometech Software was founded by experienced professionals and researchers at the University of Tokyo in 2004. With the company’s unique technology based on the Moving Particle Simulation(MPS) and Multi-GPU acceleration, Prometech provides simulaton software and solutions to support Engineering industries including chemical, rubber, steel, and processing and manufacturing.

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