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MotionPort and RecurDyn in Off-Road Vehicle Research


A new robot concept with two sets of tracks seems to hold a lot of promise for urban reconnaissance. A military research group was asked to simulate the mobility of the robot in climbing a set of stairs. They could not do the simulation, although they were experienced with tracked vehicle simulation with a leading simulation software. A university research partner knew of the need of the military research group and also knew of RecurDyn. MotionPort staff quickly developed a model with over 1,700 degrees of freedom were able to demonstrate the stair-climbing maneuver (photo courtesy of JPL Robotics).

  • Model: Robot with four track assemblies
  • Robustness Advantage: Ability to model stair climbing
  • See below for video, or access an avi video file of the urban robot (3520KB).
A robotic, tracked, urban reconnaissance vehicle which was modeled using RecurDyn

Note: The red arrows indicate the vector forces on the hubs.

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