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RecurDyn RFlex

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RecurDyn/RFlex (Reduced Flex) gives you fast simulations with flexible bodies in your multibody systems. RecurDyn/RFlex represents flexible bodies using modal information that is output from Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software. RecurDyn/RFlex also includes options to export body loads to FEA and to export modal participation factors.


  • Efficiently include flexible components within your RecurDyn full-system model.
  • Investigate effects due to the flexibility in the system, including enhanced vibration analysis.
  • Calculate more accurate loads in systems with path-dependent structures, for use in fracture or fatigue calculations.


  • Extracts modal results (FEA linear dynamics) from various FEA software:
  • Supports constraint (static correction) modes, due to unit displacement of boundary nodes, created by FEA software
  • Supports attachment (dynamic correction) modes
    • Reduces errors identified during the simulation,
    • Dynamic mode created by RecurDyn
  • These additional modes can overcome the limitations of the modal approach.
  • Saves data in a neutral file that can be archived and reused.

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