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Other RecurDyn Success Stories


Construction Equipment Manufacturer

A FunctionBay representative spent a day with two of their engineers who had never used RecurDyn before. They were surprised that they could build a complete crawler (bulldozer) model and simulate it that same day. They told us that simulation with RecurDyn is much faster than with the well-known simulation software that they were previously using. With the previous software the simulation of one side of the crawler took 6 hours with an SGI workstation. With RecurDyn they run simulations on a full 3D crawler model in 10-30 minutes on a Pentium II 400 MHz PC. Assuming that the full crawler runs 3x slower as compared to running a single track system on one side (likely a conservative assumption), the increase in speed is calculated to be 36x-108x. We can be very conservative and state that we are at least 10x faster for this type of model (a model with real world complexity, lots of contacts). This company happily became a user of RecurDyn.
  • Model: Crawler (bulldozer), 458 DOF, 72 track shoes, 144 bushings.
  • Speed Advantage: 10x+

Film Manufacturer

This company had been using multiple seats of a well-known simulation software that was customized to do the film modeling as fast as possible. The result was a 2.5x speedup over the standard version of the software. They were later introduced to RecurDyn and found that it ran the same model 4x faster than the special "turbo" simulation software. As a result, the company decided to replace all of their existing seats with RecurDyn. Speedup is 10x over the standard version of their previous software and 2.5x over the "turbo" version of that software. The conversion to RecurDyn has gone so well that they plan to double the number of simulation seats the year later.
  • Model: 2D Film movement through rollers and film guides.
  • Speed Advantage: 10x

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