MotionPort provides value to its customers using its competency in Mechanical Computer-Aided Engineering (MCAE). With over 25 years of experience in the field, MotionPort has both the theoretical background and the practical skills required to apply simulation technology to your design challenges.

Our mission is to enhance your design process and increase the engineering insight gained from it. We:

  • Bring simulation up-front in your design process
  • Help you to quickly achieve model definitions
  • Enable you to perform fast design iterations

We attain these goals by:

  • Embedding MCAE analyst’s knowledge
  • Leveraging next generation simulation technologies

Multibody Dynamics

  • MotionPort is a distributor for the RecurDyn software, both selling and supporting the software in North America.
  • MotionPort provides consulting services in multibody dynamics for major corporations.
  • MotionPort staff helped a customer avoid a delay in a major product introduction by identifying the root cause of the failure in a critical subsystem and recommending the final solution to the problem.
  • MotionPort staff pioneered media transport simulation using commercial multibody dynamics software, adding efficiency to the engineering design process at office machinery manufacturers in the USA, Asia, and Europe.
  • MotionPort staff demonstrated to a military research group the ability to simulate the mobility characteristics of an urban reconnaissance robot when climbing a set of stairs. Any motion-related or controller design issue for robot design can be evaluated using the RecurDyn software.
  • MotionPort is a Siemens Solution Partner through FunctionBay, which supplies Multibody Dynamics Simulation solver technology to NX Motion. FunctionBay added capabilities to RecurDyn to export load data to NX Nastran and import modal results from NX Nastran. MotionPort established and facilitates the relationship between FunctionBay and Siemens.

Structural Analysis

  • RecurDyn can include mesh-based and modes-based flexible bodies as part of the system-level model.
  • RecurDyn can produce output loads for use in detailed component analysis using structural analysis software.
  • MotionPort has the expertise to support our clients in the exchange of data between RecurDyn and FEA software, including Nastran and ANSYS.
  • MotionPort staff is knowledgeable in working in the NX Advanced Simulation and the ANSYS Workbench simulation environments.
  • MotionPort offers consulting services and training in the use of FEA software with RecurDyn.
  • MotionPort is an ANSYS software partner through FunctionBay. FunctionBay added capabilities to RecurDyn to export load data to ANSYS and import modal results from ANSYS. MotionPort established and facilitates the relationship between ANSYS and FunctionBay.

CAE Project Management

  • Staff members at MotionPort have run programs with annual revenues in the millions of dollars.
  • Experience includes program management in both private industry and government settings.
  • Special capabilities are available to manage technical programs.
  • All of the technical staff members have graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Staff has experience in refining and improving CAE processes.


  • MotionPort is a Utah Limited-Liability Company (LLC). We support customers across North America.
  • MotionPort is registered in the Department of Defense’s Central Contractor Registration.

Engineering organizations save $2-$10 on product development costs for every dollar invested in mechanical simulation working with MotionPort. Time savings and reduced development risk are added benefits.

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